We build responsibly as stewards of our environment. Its not easy, but it's the right thing to do and something we have been committed to for over 20 years. It's an extension of our holistic approach to business. And we believe our business is about more than just cabinets and profits. We have refined our values to include a larger sense of purpose for our company and its effect on the world we live in.

We carry the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) certification administered by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). This certification is your assurance that we are dedicated to making sure more than just your cabinets last. ESP recently earned approval from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited certification organization. And the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) now references ESP as their benchmark for cabinet standards. Our cabinetry meets or exceeds stringent manufacturing criteria in the following categories:

  • Control of air quality and emission levels
  • Use of certified and sustainable materials
  • Energy efficient manufacturing processes
  • Waste and recycle management
  • Social stewardship